This blog will be covering the limitations of your project still sat in the past without BIM, in contrast to the projects with BIM, the undercoat of shining armour, ready to save the damsel in distress who in this short contrasting story is the client. Don’t worry we will not bore you with the history of BIM, you have Wikipedia for that.

We aren’t mind readers but we can bet a pretty penny your client wants:

– Bigger profit margins
– Time saved
– Completed to the highest of standard

Well BIM can do all of this! But first, let’s look at the facts and why you are reading this blog because you want to achieve all of the above but you don’t use BIM.

On projects prior to not using BIM, we have seen the following:

– Increase workload due to visual checks
– Problems further down the project lifecycle
– Increase in costs for clients affecting project margins

We thought what if?
Everyone involved in the project worked on the same technology?
– Surely this could resolve the problem of not all teams producing 3D information – resulting in the visual checks?


The Architectural and Structural designs did marry up at the end of the design phase?
– Surely this could resolve the increase in costs for clients affecting profit margins due to contrasting design from both parties.

And then BIM came along to resolve all of these issues, and we thought, where do we sign-up?

Well, since using BIM technology we haven’t looked back!!!

Having all teams on the project on level 2 BIM and with all producing 3D software, it is ensuring co-ordination and accuracy. Furthermore, having the clash detection technology in the BIM armoury, is the baker street of BIM Engineering, if there is a problem we will know, unlike the visual checks with the typical human eye you can’t catch everything! Well, unless you are Sherlock himself.