The Warrington sun was shining and the Monday racket club was in full swing last night, with the first event being tennis. Dusting off the cobwebs, the ELLUC team gave it their all to compete against each other, and it is safe to say the competition between the BD team wasn’t left in the office, as Callum and Elliot fought fiercely for second place as Alex who did claim to have a tennis court only 100 yards away from his house had left everyone in the dust on this first racket competition.

The next event is squash and will some self-proclaimed squash champions within the ELLUC ranks, boasting of having an arsenal of squash rackets you would only hope to think that there will be a new champion next week.

Alex Castle, the Marketing and PR Co-ordinator by day but tennis champion by night, had the below thoughts on the Monday Racket Club:

“I think it’s great to get everyone out of the office together and to play sports as you get to learn more about your colleagues outside of work, which I believe boosts morale within the office as you get to learn more about the person to improve social and work interaction within the office”.

The ELLUC team are always looking to engage in the local community whether that is picking rackets up to compete with each other at a local sports centre or to talk at a local university or college.  To discuss future collaborations with ELLUC Projects, please contact alex.castle@ellucprojects.co.uk.