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Project Description



Toons Furnishers, a furniture store located in Derbyshire, flooded which resulted in all the stock being destroyed. This gave the business no choice but to close for a long duration, resulting in a great loss of sales to the business. Toons Furnishings decided they needed to defend their shop from any future flood risks to avoid any further financial loss, and so they decided to build a flood defence.


Prior to us being appointed to this job, the planners for the flood defence system had originally misadvised Toons, as they believed planning was not required. This was later rectified and the planners now decided the project needed planning and commissioned ELLUC Projects to undertake the following services:

  • Prepare a formal flood risk assessment
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Detailed structure flood defences
  • Ensure the proposed alleviation scheme will not increase flood risk to the railway to the south of the site
  • Project management

Due to our proven track record of project management, we were appointed the project managers. This entailed the overseeing of the external consultants and contractors.

Due to the complexity of the project, there was a number of stakeholders involved, including the Lead Local Flood Authority, Environment Agency, North East Railway and the Planners. All stakeholders approval was needed prior to starting the project as each stakeholder had some form of disagreement. Not long after the multiple objections were submitted, they were all removed and planning permission was given.

Although this was a challenging project, our expertise was shown by our Hydrology team on this project. The most prominent example of this was changing the decision made by North East Railway through successful hydraulic modelling and calculations.

The project was handed over under budget and within the timescales, with the client very happy with the end result. This could not have been achievable without our project management skills combined with our technical abilities in order to persuade all stakeholders that our proposal was the best for everyone involved including the client.



Toons Furnishing store


Flood Risk Assessment, Hydraulic Calculations, Detailed Structure Flood Defences, Alleviation Scheme