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Project Description



The existing buildings at Furness Quay in Salford comprised of two buildings of six and eight stories. The buildings, designed and constructed in the 1970’s, had been used as service office space until 2016 when our client, Fortis Developments, purchased the buildings and submitted a change of use to convert them to residential.

We undertook extensive desktop studies during the early stages of the project to identify any redundancy in the existing structure and assess the potential for extension and conversion. Two options were put forward. The first option was to undertake minor strengthening works to the cores and extend the buildings by 2 and 3 storeys respectively relying on the spare capacity in the columns and foundations to accommodate the additional load from the new floors. The second proposal involved the creation of a steel exo-skeleton over the building allowing the floor plates to be extended horizontally and an additional six and eight storeys to be added to the building heights.

Following consultation with planners the first option was taken forward to detailed design and construction. Following the building being vacated and a soft strip completed we undertook a full intrusive survey to validate the desktop study and to develop the design.

Drawing on previous experience of similar schemes such as the remodelling and extension by six storeys of a former office building at 60 Old Hall Street Liverpool (an office to hotel conversion) and the large number of offices to residential conversations undertaken over the last 4 years, we were able to provide early indications of the buildings potential and inform the development cost plan.

Dealing with existing buildings with little or no record information relies on the experience and knowledge of the team of engineers we employ. Projects such as 40 Chorlton Street and Cable Street in Manchester involved converting listed 19th century warehouses into high-end city centre hotels. Our experience and expertise has led to successful projects from both a heritage and commercial perspective demonstrating our commitment to sustainably preserving buildings by making them financially viable assets.



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Circa £25m