Project Description



40 Chorlton street is an early 20th Century warehouse building that has been substantially altered and stands at 4/5 storeys in height. Cringle Corporation Ltd and Staying Cool Ltd have partnered to create a high-quality aparthotel with an additional restaurant in the heart of Manchester’s ‘Village’ district.


40 Chorlton Street will be developed into 41 high-quality apartment hotel rooms, associated with ancillary space and 480sqm of Restaurant/bar space. ELLUC Projects will be providing the following on this project:

  • 3D modelling
  • Naviswork
  • Design
  • Co-ordination

ELLUC Projects were amongst a number of design teams providing their services on this project, due to its size and complexity. On other projects ELLUC had worked on with design teams, the teams had not worked coherently. This was due to a variation in the technology used. Not all teams working on the project were using 3D information, which meant a visual check had to take place for each floor individually, increasing the workload by a sufficient amount and affecting the client’s profit margins. Co-ordinating the design teams, ELLUC ensured consistency throughout the building with all design teams working to level 2 BIM with all of the designs produced on 3D software. From doing this, it ensured greater co-ordination and accuracy for this project. The main benefits of using this enhanced technology are clash detection, which checks elements from different sectors and highlights any issues. This can detect clashes between architectural and structural elements, which can avoid additional costs for the client, which was especially useful on this project due to the limited floor to ceiling height. Another benefit of the technology used on this project was the use of Naviswork, it was beneficial to this project as we could resolve any issues prior to any construction works taking place.

ELLUC Projects are always updating their technology to make sure they provide the best service possible to the client. Their experience showed this throughout this project, constantly finding ways to save time for the overall duration of the project and to cut costs to ensure a bigger profit margin for the client through the use of technology.



Cringle Corporation Ltd


3D Modelling, Naviswork, Design, Co-ordination