“Monday racket club” Squash week.

The racket club commenced indoors this week for Squash and this was lucky due to the torrential rain surrounding the leisure centre. With three players turning up with their own rackets the standard was set pretty high. The two non-squash players had soon realised the mountain they had to climb in order to compete and claw what points they could.

After each of his games, it was becoming very clear that the bag with six squash rackets belonged to an ELLUC director, Elliot Mcloughlin. He triumphed above all to win all four games and take the squash crown. With Badminton, tennis and table tennis still on the competitive ELLUC racket calendar, let’s hope he knows it’s a marathon and not just a sprint.

Tracee Winstone, Office manager at the Warrington office had her thoughts on the racket club:

“I play racket sports regularly and think it is great to get out of the office and socialise with my colleagues, and even better when I get to boss some of the lads around the office and the court”.

The ELLUC team are always looking to engage in the local community whether that is picking rackets up to compete with each other at a local sports centre or to talk at a local university or college.  To discuss future collaborations with ELLUC Projects, please contact alex.castle@ellucprojects.co.uk.