We visited Birmingham to attend the well renowned UK Construction Week. This is the UK’s largest built environment event so we thought this would be fitting to attend, meeting people within the industry and listening to presentations from industry experts. This event was full of colours and energy with all sectors of the built environment coming together, with the BBC Breakfast this morning catching glimpses of the event.  

Throughout the day there were some great talks hosted by an array of industry experts. At the timber focus theatre, we listened to a presentation on, “Can we work more effectively in Multi-Disciplinary teams”. This was an interesting presentation as it applies to the work we do at ELLUC. We work within multi-disciplinary teams and project manage teams, so it was great to get a different perspective on how other service lines work in the built environment.

Gemma from our client relationship team had the following thoughts on the day: 

“The event really opened my eyes up to how vast the built environment really is and how many different types of businesses are involved. We have a team dedicated to building information modelling services, so it was great to attend a talk on why we need to have a wider adoption of BIM and to look at modern methods of construction”.

Our next stop for events within the industry is MIPIM 17th – 18th October, which is the leading property summit for all key stakeholders in the UK property marketplace.