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Your Community, Is Our Community

We pride ourselves in working within the community, whether that is events at Schools, Universities, sports team or fundraising events. With multiple offices across the UK, our community is widespread, and because of this, we help to support multiple regions. We are happy to engage in community events, projects and career days, so please get in contact for future collaborations with us.

Money Raised For Our Chosen Charity Of The Year Alzheimer’s Society
Total raised

We have partnered with the Alzheimer’s society for the duration of 2018. As part of the ELLUC giving back initiative, we’re setting out to bring value back to the local community & our partnered charity of the year. We’ve set out with a huge goal to raise £10,000 throughout the course of 2018. This will bring 476 hours of care, allowing the charity to supply carers and telephone support. Overall, helping people live well, with better support.

Three Months, Three Challenges

The first campaign to raise money for our partnered charity, Alzheimer’s Society. The Three Months, Three Challenges consists of three endurance tasks in order to raise as much money as possible. The target was set at £10,000 and we have all of 2018 to reach it. to Donate, click on the button below.