We believe there are multiple stages to successfully deliver and implement our services and at every stage of the project, we strive to reduce costs and timescales for clients. One way we are seeing a great success in this is how to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry through our client relationship coordination division. This is done through adding value by cutting lead time prior to commencing on site.

Once the project has begun, regular updates can be provided by our dedicated client relationship co-ordinating team. They can provide any quick updates upon the clients’ request to make sure we are delivering the services the client has requested. The client relationship coordinators have access to all of ELLUC’s on-going projects. This allows the coordinators to provide weekly updates to the client so that they do not have to chase the engineers for updates. This allows minimum disruption to the service as the engineers can concentrate on the job without having to update the client. This means the service the engineers are providing is less likely to be disrupted.

The client relationship team also act as project managers, ensuring the project is ran smoothly throughout working alongside both the engineers and the clients bridging the gap of any potential communication breakdowns. This allows one of the team to chase up technical approvals. By having a dedicated member of the team working on this they have built relationships with local councils, which potentially allows them to work more efficiently with our technical approvals allowing a faster-submitting process. Furthermore, by chasing up the local councils the team gets a date for when the technical approvals will be returned and can, therefore, schedule in engineers for the return date.