BBC DIY SOS – Bromley

We hold social values very close to our hearts, engaging with communities across the UK. We were pleased to partner with the BBC One Series DIY SOS of which we have donated our Structural & Civil Engineering services – Two of our recent projects with the DIY SOS have been held in Bromley & Bolton, which can be seen on series 30. ELLUC Projects also donated further time to the Bromley project by sending a team of 4 to work alongside the BBC’s production team for preparing the site ready for filming & construction works. Our team took videos throughout the day to showcase behind the scenes at the BBC DIY SOS.

The Build-Up

The team was back in action with the BBC DIY SOS after the success of the project in Bolton. This time the team will be in Bromley on Sunday and Monday setting up with the production team, whilst we’ve donated our structural engineering services.

The Team Have Arrived

The team is now in full swing down with the BBC DIY SOS production crew in Bromley. We apologise about Alex’s enthusiasm in the following tape, he is smiling inside really.

In The Thick Of It

Looks like Callum has the Monday Funday factor as he is getting down and dirty setting up. The team at this stage were moving various equipment throughout the morning and getting right in the thick of it.

Tough, Wet And Muddy

Out of the boardroom and into the Suburbs of Bromley for BBC DIY SOS. Not sure who Lord Alan Sugar would bring back into the boardroom, but surely it can’t be Alex after another Oscar winning performance.

The Day Draws To A Close

And that is a wrap! What a day the team has had down in Bromley at the BBC DIY SOS. Special thanks to Elliot for being chief narrator today and to Gary, the build manager, for the kind words, you will go down in the ELLUC hall of fame.