About Residential

ELLUC Projects have an extensive knowledge within the Residential sector varying from 5units through to 4,500 units & a mixture of traditional housing alongside high-rise apartment schemes.

Working with some of the UK’s leading developers, landowners, contractors & investors, our residential division offer a full concept to completion service. ELLUC Projects understand that especially within the residential sector the importance to offer a value engineered solution through negotiating discharge rates, pushing for the best possible solutions for an agreed technical approval alongside ‘option-eering’ the most efficient structural solution.

Information on the services ELLUC Projects can provide throughout the Residential development process are outlined further down on this page.


Units Designed


Number of Sites


Savings offered


ELLUC Projects produce Flood Risk Assessments in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework in England and technical advice note 15: Development and Flood Risk (2004) in Wales in order to gain planning consent from both the Local Authorities and the Environment Agency. We also have expertise within Flooding & River modelling to assist with supporting planning applications / flood risk reports.

Detailed Feasibility Appraisals

ELLUC Projects specialise within offering a full concept to completion service. In order to provide our clients with a competitive advantage whilst bidding / negotiating land deals, it’s important to start this process by producing the correct information on-time whilst producing various solutions. ELLUC Projects can produce Concept structural feasibilities, concept drainage strategy’s providing preliminary FFL’s, external work,  producing concept foundation zone plans and preliminary cut & fill models.

Drainage Design

ELLUC Projects specialise within cost effectively engineering schemes preparing for a full S104 submission. Alongside providing detailed drainage design, we will always push for involvement within negotiating discharge rates to offer the maximum saving through reducing storage requirements. Drainage designs typically include:

  • Drainage layout
  • Catchment analysis
  • Longitudinal sections
  • Manhole schedules
  • 1-20 Manhole details
  • Private drainage layouts
  • Hydrobrake details

Highways Design

ELLUC Projects aim to gain S38 / S278 approval within the shortest period of time while achieving maximum savings for our clients – S38 & S278 designs include:

  • Longitudinal sections
  • Road setting out information
  • Construction details
  • Road and kerb layout
  • S38 adoption plan including street lighting design
  • S278 general arrangement / detailed designs
  • S278 construction drawings

Cut & Fill

Detailed cut & fill drawings which allow the client to avoid any excess additional charges of transportation of waste on sites. Cut & fill designs provide our clients with a cost-effective solution to managing the onsite levels in order to achieve no offsite transportation

Foundation Designs

ELLUC Projects will review the available foundation solution & would produce the following:

  • Foundation Zoning plan with schedule
  • 1:50 Housetype specific designs

Superstructure Designs

ELLUC Projects will review the information available and liaise with the client &/ architect to discuss any potential savings available through option-eering of which we can produce the required 1:50 Superstructure designs.

Additional Services

ELLUC Projects understand that clients will often prefer to make one design team appointment which they receive regular weekly updates from the client relationship team. Additional services include:

  • Phase 1 & 2 Site investigations
  • Transport Assessments
  • Travel plans
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Conveyancing Plans